June 2, 2016


As the Owner & Head Audio Engineer/Editor/Photographer/Publisher/Videographer/Graphic & Web Designer at Mr. Multipreneur, LLC., Alex Hunn has had the pleasure of working alongside families, business owners, organizational leaders, newlyweds, children, graduates & aspiring talent to produce a high quality product rather audio, photography, publication, video, graphic or web design insuring client satisfaction.

Alex first took interest in multimedia while taking a Digital Photography course at the University of Cincinnati, where he later obtained a degree in Digital Media Communications, which allowed him to have the freedom and ability to satisfy all of his customers media needs. Alex has skillfully mastered the art of photojournalism displaying a great deal of talent & enthusiasm for the creation of media across multiple disciplines. He is inspired by conscientious awakenings which has contributed to his talents & achievements over the years.

Alex has a well-developed critical eye for media & production skills and has proven to be observant, professional & detail-oriented through his works. Hiring Alex means that you will work alongside someone who works with integrity & who will work tirelessly to honor his client’s vision & special requests. Alex has proven to be more than an Entrepreneur, he is Mr. Multipreneur!

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